Getting Creative to Ignore Pain

While my doctor is getting creative trying to find medications and combinations of medications that not only will my body tolerate but also work for the pain, I’ve been getting my creative on to ignore the pain. 
Like many others who in the chronic world who have had to give up “normal” jobs or even just reduce the hours spent at normal jobs, I took up crafting, sewing in particular to supplement my income. I really started because at the time I couldn’t find any goth baby quilts when I was pregnant with Damien so I decided to make one. Then that turned into, I should do this for others looking for goth baby quilts and blankets. That turned into my Bunguin Babies – Unique and Unusual baby blankets for precious baby in your life. Over the years my mum who taught me started helping me for a couple hours on Wednesdays. Its become “our thing”. Sometimes sewing gets pushed aside for dishes or laundry, or on migraine days she’ll watch the boys so I can take the extra meds and sleep for a couple hours. 

How cute are these little jellyfish?! They make me happy just looking at them

This week’s creations were so much fun. Sometimes mum brings up little creatures that she’s made for me to sell. Before I had children, and even when I just had the one, I did a lot more of the fun creature making, but they take too much focus which quite frankly I don’t always have the luxury of. 

We also got this super cute little dress and ruffle butt diaper cover finished in time for Veteran’s Day. Even better? My husband is a combat war veteran, so the sale of this cute dress goes directly to a Veteran’s family. Kinda cool huh? Special place in my heart for those stars. 

Normally I loath shopping…….. Except for the fabric store. Then I’m like a kid in a candy shop wishing I had a much much bigger bank account. Lucky me I got an order this week for “girly” burp cloths. Figured whatever she didn’t choose would go down to my booth at Funky Munky. After sending her this picture though she doubled her order she loved them so much!

Everything happens at the right time…. Hang in there with me. Follow my rabbit logic through and you’ll see where I’m going with this, I promise. So for quite some time now I’ve been thinking about wanting to do regular Bunguin Babies posts but with a spotlight or shoutout to another artist or crafter, specifically someone who had a #spooniebusiness. Then yesterday I pop on Facebook and low and behold there is the lovely Karen who created Conscious Crafties which is dedicated to showcasing crafters like myself who are chronically awesome! All in one place! All sorts of amazing one of a kind items. It’s absolutely fabulous, definitely check it out. So now I have a new badge on my sidebar and will hopefully connect with some of her other crafties so do shoutouts from time to time! Plus it got me out of my funk of not wanting to post and depress you with my med woes. So props all around to Conscious Crafties! If you have Twitter and Instagram make sure you follow her on those too!

What’s your creative outlet?


What doesn’t kill us makes us wish it had

July really just hasn’t been the best month. Mostly it’s been recovery or it’s supposed to be recovery. Yet….. Really it hasn’t been. I started the month out with that fun but non vacation- vacation to California.


Great grandma, cousins, fair, bow shoot, 13+ hrs car travel with kids, non vacation-vacation

Then birthdays and a sprained back because I’m special like that! Yep. When I overdo it, my body says that’s enough, if I keep overdoing it my body says “I said “bloody fing stop! Or I’ll make you!” and it made me.  Continue reading

Through the Fog

Life since traveling has been like stumbling through Fog Soup. I haven’t been posting enough because I can’t hardly string sentences together in coherent trains of thought. I have moments that work well but usually those are consumed with focusing on my children and on my husband because they need that extra attention. And ladies, if you haven’t figured it out yet, your husbands need almost more attention than your children. Yes, you heard that right.

Your husbands need almost more attention than your children

Anyways, back on track. So life since travel has been anything but the rest I’ve needed. Continue reading

How to swaddle (with a large blanket)


The Bunguin Babies receiving blankets I make and sell are much larger than the receiving blankets you can purchase in the store. The store bought ones are great for a newborn and that’s about it. Not only is it great to have a special blanket that can be used to swaddle, but can also go in the car, be used for tummy time, covering carseats and strollers and in general, be used for the first couple years instead of just weeks. Continue reading

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