What doesn’t kill us makes us wish it had

July really just hasn’t been the best month. Mostly it’s been recovery or it’s supposed to be recovery. Yet….. Really it hasn’t been. I started the month out with that fun but non vacation- vacation to California.


Great grandma, cousins, fair, bow shoot, 13+ hrs car travel with kids, non vacation-vacation

Then birthdays and a sprained back because I’m special like that! Yep. When I overdo it, my body says that’s enough, if I keep overdoing it my body says “I said “bloody fing stop! Or I’ll make you!” and it made me. 
A full week not moving more than I possibly could be bothered mind you, it was still far more than any person with a sprained back would ever wasn’t to move because I have 3 boys and none of them even the husband really seemed to overly care that mommy just wanted to curl up into a little ball and disappear into the Nothing. (yes, I’m a 90’s kid).
I seriously couldn’t have made it without my cream. I make my own cream. I posted last week about Mo’s Dream Cream which is amazing too, but my cream will still be my go to cream. Plus it smells better in my opinion! I don’t have to worry about washing my hands after applying it and can wear it in my neck even with holding Findlay. 
Its like Norco in a cream. I get almost the same results and relief.


Just a sprained back? Really? That can’t have ruined July. It didn’t. Its certainly hasn’t helped. Especially since I’m waiting to hear from insurance regarding both of both chiropractic treatment and the medications are authorized to treat it.


I won’t give all the details. They’re not all important. But my husband is an alcoholic and he’s trying to get sober. While that’s a very good thing, it’s a very difficult thing. He’s taking out his frustrations on me because I’m his safe person, his safe place because he knows I love him and won’t leave. Because I’ll weather the storm. Unfortunately. I’m not feeling very strong right now because of the pain. I’m not on my A game. So those of you that pray, I need prayers. Those of you that send energy, I need energy. Financially we’re completely drained because he’s been in a counseling and detox program instead of work. So if you would like to try the cream or know someone who would, please message me. Also, check out my Facebook page for Bunguin Babies if you know of any little babies that need a cute blanket. Anything helps. Love you all.


6 thoughts on “What doesn’t kill us makes us wish it had

    • Coconut Oil
      Coco Butter with Shea Lotion
      Aloe Vera
      Arnica Oil
      Essential Oils:
      Tea Tree Oil
      Eucalyptus Globulus
      Panaway (Young Living Blend including wintergreen, helichrysum, clove, peppermint)
      M-Grain (Young Living Blend incuding basil, marjoram, lavendar, roman chamomile, peppermint, helichrysum)
      Valor (Young Living Blend including spruce, rosewood, blue tansy, frankincense)

      Let me know if any of these bother you and I can make a special one without whichever ingredient is bothersome.


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