Welcome to my Porcelain Fibromommy Blog! My name is Elizabeth. I’m a wife and mother of 3 very active young boys. I have Fibromyalgia, Chronic Migraines, Sacroilliac Joint Dysfunction, Anxiety and Depression. I’ve had all these since I was at least 16, some as young as 13, though many weren’t diagnosed until my mid 20’s. Since life like this is all I’ve known basically, I haven’t let it stop me from living. It has changed how I live and that’s what this blog is about. The various aspects of being a person, a wife, a mother, homeschooling, crafting, living life in the now, and looking towards the future as a “Spoonie”.

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  1. Hello Porcelain Fibromommy,

    My name is Naomi Friedman, with CANTY Cases. I recently found out about your blog – thank you for sharing your experiences with us. I see you are pregnant and have children while having your chronic illness – you are brave and courageous, and I admire that in you. Even if you don’t feel like that, I want to tell you that it’s true. So just receive my words. Thank you again for sharing.

    I just wanted to take a moment of your time and let you know about a potentially valuable opportunity for you and your audience.

    The project is called CANTY. adj: passionate, spirited, full of life
    “Canty” describes women who are passionate, spirited, full of life – women who have a

    Proceeds from each of our products go to a real cause championed by a specific woman.
    The specific goal of this Indigogo campaign is to raise 15,000 USD to help get a new line of products funded by Christmas.
    If you think this would be of value to your readers it would mean the world to if you could feature, mention, or otherwise talk about the project. Please take a second, check it out http://cantycases.com/, and let us know what you think.
    We look forward to working with you to empower women in their line of work, share their story, and inspire the passion for good in others. Together we can spread the CANTY spirit.




  2. Allison Morosini says:

    Hi Elizabeth. I too have fibro, migraines, anxiety, depression and a host of others. I was a nurse. I am a full time mommy to 3 yo twin girls and a 16 yo boy. I don’t stop moving and always plan for flares. Jeans? No way! Stylish clothes that dont hurt? Not a chance! I started wearing LuLaRoe clothing about 10 months ago when my ‘pain pharmacist’ sister-in-law sent me a few pieces. I became a consultant to share these amazing clothes and even more amazing company with others in pain. Could I please send you a complimentary outfit to try? Thank you.


    • Brittany from A Southern Celiac introduced me to Lularoe and Gayle Lynn. I have 4 pairs of the leggings now and LOVE them! I also have an Irma too that I won and wear with them. They are so amazing. I certainly won’t turn down an offer to try one of their other styles, but also want you to be able to pass along amazingness to someone else that hasn’t tried their leggings.


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