Facebook Memories

Sometimes I love the “On This Day” Facebook feature. Sometimes it brings up memories I wish I could erase from my own mind as easily as I can do so on Facebook. But most of the time I get pictures of the boys as they were growing up. Silly outfits, things they said, or milestones.


Today’s gem was a picture of when Damien at 2 years old covered himself in Vaseline. I remember thinking he was being too quiet and went looking for him. Little boys being quiet is always suspect. He was so proud of himself and happy as you can see from the picture. Silly boy.

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Monday Musing #3

Life won’t often go your way (least in my experience) but you can always learn from it, grow from it and move on. One day it will lead you to the place and people you need to be surrounded by and without your past experiences you wouldn’t be ready for it or appreciate it. Keep being strong. One day at a time. One foot in front of the other.


Monday Musing #2

Love is like a rollercoaster. Scary as hell to get on, but you wait excitedly in line for your chance. Once you’re in it, it will take you to soaring heights before plunging down, throwing you for loops and unexpected twists and turns. If you get off in the middle of the ride, you’re sure to get hurt. But if you hang on to the end, you’ll get off being glad you took the risk and often wanting to do it all over again!


Monday Musings

You’ve all heard the saying “Don’t settle with the one you can live with, but find the one you can’t live without”. Take it one step further- Find that someone that makes your heart sing, that lights up your smile when they walk into the room, the one that makes you wish you were independently crazy rich so that you didn’t have to be separated for any time for work.  Find that person. And then never let them slip away because you were afraid to get hurt.