Weight Loss – Fibro Style

I wrote this as a response to another Fibro parent (so very small changes to make it work for blogging). But I’ve had this discussion with so many friends, family and strangers that asked how I lost all the weight. 


Finally able to help with community projects


I’m 5’1” and was 185 at my heaviest and couldn’t lose it after baby two.  I totally totally get it. It took 3 years to get all of it off but I’ve now maintained 125 for a full year and a half and that includes pregnancy #3.  And we’re on food assistance so I get that part too.  To top it off I’m super picky so a lot of options juicing or special diet options just aren’t applicable. 

First and foremost. Only use a salad plate and salad fork. Leave space between your foods so you see some plate. Make sure you can still see plate. If you get full or start feeling full, put away the rest for later. Don’t finish it because it’s on your plate. 

I don’t recommend actually dieting. Just portion control. And easy exercise. I make lots of casseroles because boys eat a lot. Like a lot a lot. 🙂 Use real butter. Your body processes it better. In the afternoon have a small snack of cheese and crackers, fruit, popcorn or a granola bar. Not a lot but enough to keep your metabolism going and your cravings away. If you want sweet but don’t want fruits then snack on a bowl of lightly sweetened cereal like honeycomb or golden grahams. And the next most important thing of all is ICE WATER!! Lots of it! Try not to have more than 2 cans (24 oz) of soda a day and if you’re a froufrou coffee drinker, work on cutting back on those or at least how froufrou they are. 

If you have kids, find a close park to walk to or a place that you can enjoy easy walks to. Every night during the summer and as many good days during the rest of the year I walked 1/2 mile to the park then 1/2 miles home. I mostly sat on the bench while the boys played. Now I’m able to play a bit more. 

You can totally do it. Do it slow and steady. It’s easier to keep off. And you’re going to feel so much better!


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