Facebook Memories

Sometimes I love the “On This Day” Facebook feature. Sometimes it brings up memories I wish I could erase from my own mind as easily as I can do so on Facebook. But most of the time I get pictures of the boys as they were growing up. Silly outfits, things they said, or milestones.


Today’s gem was a picture of when Damien at 2 years old covered himself in Vaseline. I remember thinking he was being too quiet and went looking for him. Little boys being quiet is always suspect. He was so proud of himself and happy as you can see from the picture. Silly boy.

How do you clean a child covered in Vaseline?

Use baby wipes first to get off the bulk of it. Then use Dawn dish soap for the rest. Be sure to use a clean wash cloth folded up over the eyes to avoid getting soap in the eyes. It took a couple baths to finally get it all off, and thankfully has never happened again. Kellan’s big mess was honey in the carpet, again Dawn dish soap to the rescue.


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