Adjusting to a New Normal

Life is full of ups and downs. Just when you think you’ve got a handle on it, life is quick to remind you it’s been playing this game far longer than you’ve been alive. I was feeling like Chronic Super Mom. Obviously not the a normal Super Mom with a perfectly clean house, makeup and hair done, but hey, I think still rank up there in the chronic mom world.


Raising 3 boys, homeschooling them, having a small quilting business, walking a mile every night so the boys can play at the park and then doing the archery events thoughout the summer. I felt like I was managing.  Some days were better than others. That’s life as a chronic mom. But then life screeched to a halt. My happy whatever you want to call it came crashing down and I all I want to do is disappear. Its taken everything in me, all my years of experience with depression and fighting anxiety to keep from becoming that person again. 8 years ago when life crashed around me I didn’t have anyone who depended on me but last time I didn’t have support, this time I do. Continue reading


What doesn’t kill us makes us wish it had

July really just hasn’t been the best month. Mostly it’s been recovery or it’s supposed to be recovery. Yet….. Really it hasn’t been. I started the month out with that fun but non vacation- vacation to California.


Great grandma, cousins, fair, bow shoot, 13+ hrs car travel with kids, non vacation-vacation

Then birthdays and a sprained back because I’m special like that! Yep. When I overdo it, my body says that’s enough, if I keep overdoing it my body says “I said “bloody fing stop! Or I’ll make you!” and it made me.  Continue reading

Through the Fog

Life since traveling has been like stumbling through Fog Soup. I haven’t been posting enough because I can’t hardly string sentences together in coherent trains of thought. I have moments that work well but usually those are consumed with focusing on my children and on my husband because they need that extra attention. And ladies, if you haven’t figured it out yet, your husbands need almost more attention than your children. Yes, you heard that right.

Your husbands need almost more attention than your children

Anyways, back on track. So life since travel has been anything but the rest I’ve needed. Continue reading

How to survive a migraine with young kids


Survive is the best you can do when you have a migraine and young children. Since I’ve been a chronic migraineur since I was 16, it’s all I’ve really known. According to my doc, mine are a little different than typical migraines because almost every single migraine I get comes from neck pain. The few others are from drinking too much (aka 3 drinks instead of 2 or less over the course of the entire evening) or going to a concert where it’s loud and usually has flashing lights.

You can avoid all the controllable triggers but there are still plenty of triggers for people like me that are completely out of my control. For example, the weather, my husband’s music and movies, my children, stress, lighting if I have to leave my house etc.


“Not all migraines Will be full blown, level 9/10. But all migraines can BECOME full blown, level 9/10”. In my experience people without chronic migraines don’t understand the various levels a chronic migraineur will experience migraines at. Some don’t have the throbbing pain, but have every other symptom. Some have the throbbing pain, noise, smell, aura and other sensitivities but can stand some amounts of light. Others yet are there with everything, but as long as it starts quiet, blinds stay closed, you can mostly function normally. And of course, the typical migraine that everyone at least knows of if not have experienced, the kill-me-now-chop-off-my-bloody-fing-head-i-just-want-to-die migraine.


So how do you survive a full blown migraine with young children and no help?

1: Bring baby with you. Tickle the toes, snuggle and play with their favorite toy usually is enough to keep baby happy and quiet. Plus it lowers your stress of wondering about baby.


If you can, let in a small amount of light.

2: Unlimited media time. Yes I said it. Unlimited media time. Basically when you have a full blown migraine the only thing you care about is keeping it quiet. If letting your older ones play quietly on the xbox, watch movies, play ABCMouse, whatever, let them do it. Like my doc said after I had a meltdown because I had to let them have too much media time several days in a row, it’s not going to kill them.


3: Easy meals. When it’s a migraine, good chance you won’t be able to stand for long, let alone cook. Order pizza, heat up a freezer meal, forget the extras. Just make sure when you are back to your normal that you feed them properly.

Any tips or tricks you would add?

My Summer Highlight

6, 3, 3 mo, camping, archery, and fibromyalgia. I must be crazy right?! Maybe a little but it was so incredibly worth every moment.


In my last post I was freaking out a bit about how much I still needed to get done and didn’t have spoons to do it. I was able to get most of it done after baby fell asleep. And some things simply just didn’t get done, like folding the clean laundry.

Of course we ended up pulling out about an hour later than intended. 3 kids and a husband that needs prompting and my own body refusing to function like I needed it to, it’s what happens. But we got there 3 hrs later and that’s what matters. It was a gorgeous drive through the Columbia Basin Gorge and into the high plains of Oregon.

Continue reading