Where I’ve been hiding

Not really hiding so much as trying to get life straightened out again. 

Between attempting to find my new normal after my doc took me off Norco, summer ending, homeschool starting, losing all my photos and drafts when my phone crashed, weather changing and more travel, I had to step back from my blog. But I’m back! 

Yosemite, outdoor play, godzilla-Findlay, indoor entertainment, family loves the beebe!

My new normal isn’t going horribly. I desperately miss good pain medications often but oddly, not as much as I expected to. I really miss sleeping well though. Pain at night is the worst. Thankfully my doc hooked me up with an acupuncturist that is amazing. I will be doing a whole piece on Acupuncture and finding a good one in the coming weeks. 

Goodbye summer, hello homeschool. This has been a HUGE adjustment. We used to go to the park every night after dinner. Now we don’t so the boys have a ton of pent up energy, despite me trying to still get them outside as much as I can or finding other activities. I’m hoping to take them to a homeschool group rock climbing tomorrow. Yep, that’s a whole nother post coming up!

My phone went stupid. First it kept kicking out the SIM card, got that fixed. Then it kept kicking out and corrupting my SD card. Then the black screen of death. Thankfully I brought it in perfectly in time to enroll in open insurance enrollment, then they were able to get a replacement sent. But poof went all my drafts, all my photos for my blogging. Yikes. Working on getting me photos for the posts that I’m recreating. 

Welcome to Oregon!

Fall in the PNW means constantly changing weather. We can have sun, rain and hail all within an hour and then back again. I love storms, but my body isn’t happy about them. Go figure. 

And last but not least, a lightening fast road trip to California to see family from Cali and family visiting from Tennessee. 12 hours driving down, 3.5 hrs to Yosemite the following day, 3.5 miles hiking, then 3.5 hours back. Next day is family reunion then Monday it was 13 hours in the car again to get home. Guess what?! Yep! Road trip post coming up too!


Cute and Comfy


At this exact moment I’ve been sitting in my mom’s car for 13 hours. We’re still another hour to my parents before we switch our stuff over to the van and drive the final hour home.

Vacationing takes energy/spoons that I simply don’t have extras of.

Those trips to California are nice for seeing everybody but it’s no vacation.  It’s more work than work. -husband

Last thing I need is restrictive clothing. But as I’m not hiding on my couch, I can’t just wear my husband’s old concert shirts and his Dutch Harbor sweat pants. Continue reading