Combining Events – Saving Spoons

Birthdays and family days like Father’s day are important to our family, but no so much so that they require grandiose dinners, parties and each to their own special date.

Father’s day comes about a week earlier than Kellan’s bday, which comes 4 days before my husband’s. We combine them. This saves a lot of spoons.


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Spoonie Travel with KIDS



Our Family Adventures are something we look forward to each month. They are planned to be fun, yet relaxing (which means no in-laws). A day filled with being together, and usually in nature.

This month we chose to go see the tall ships that were docked in Newport, Or. We’ve seen the ships before but this was the first year we learned you could tour the ship for just a donation. Having married a sailor, I knew this was definitely going to be our May adventure.

Traveling with kids however takes a lot of planning. You can’t just hop in the car and go (least not until they’re older). Here’s a few tips to make your next family adventure a little easier. Continue reading

Poking my Bruises


One day this will be my next tattoo

May 12th is fibromyalgia awareness day, so I thought I’d let you know what it’s like to live with fibromyalgia, and what it feels like. I have multiple health problems that all affect each other but I’ll just be focusing on fibro for this post.


1: You can do anything you want….
You’ll just pay for it later.  This was really hard for me to learn because it was a self taught lesson. I’ve had fibro since I was 16 (possibly earlier but definitely since 16) and despite all the doctors I saw, fibro wasn’t even considered as a possible diagnosis. I was flexible, I did sports (I definitely don’t anymore), I was young. I used to ride dirt bikes, but then that night would be in horrible pain. I would travel and want to die from the pain. I would hike, but once I got to my campsite not be able to move for a day or more. Continue reading

FibroSleep Review

Disclosure: “I have been given FibroSleep as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company

Initial Impression (aka day 1): As a fibromommy of a newborn, I’m wary to try new sleep aids simply because I worry I won’t wake up when the baby is crying. I’ve had that happen before when I’ve had to take my stronger pain meds and muscle relaxants due to pain and/or migraines. (Before you get all panicky, either my husband ended up waking me or once I realized the baby crying was real and not a dream I woke up.) Reading through all the ingredients in FibroSleep, I was very encouraged to try it.

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5 Things Chronic Pain & Migraines Have Taught Me

I’ve been in chronic pain since I was 16. I certainly don’t have the worst story out there, but it is my story. Chronic pain and migraines have a way of changing how one views life, schedules life and lives life. Most people have a basic idea of what being an adult is going to be like when you’re a teenager. Plans and dreams of certain jobs, lifestyles, traveling, marriage (for or against), kids etc. Chronic pain often changes all of that, doesn’t always mean that dreams have to die, but they may have to change.

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Labor and Delivery with a Spoonie Body – Part 1

Normally I don’t like telling people about my labor and deliveries…. only because I’m not normal. I have a spoonie body that doesn’t react well to labor. That being said, maybe my stories will help a fellow spoonie. I don’t mind sharing my stories, its just that you have to understand that I’m NOT the status quo normal body that does things normally. Continue reading

The Day After

So you have a great day. You feel human. You do what you want to do. Then the day after comes. For most people that might mean a few sore muscles or maybe a little more tired than normal. But for someone with chronic pain the day after and usually the night of is miserable.

Here’s a few tips for surviving the day after:

1. Plan for it. If you know you’re going to have a big day, plan a day or two afterwards to take it easy.

2. Take Your Meds. Take whatever medication you need to get through the day. Don’t feel bad for taking what you need.

3. Sleep or Rest. I find that painsomnia is one of my worst enemies after a big day. I’m exhausted but in so much pain I can’t sleep. So if you can take naps or rest whenever you can.

4. Epsom Salt Bath. A warm bubble bath is wonderful regardless of how you’re feeling, but when you’re in a lot of pain, a warm bath becomes nearly essential. Add a cup of Epsom salt to help with nerve and muscle pain.

5. Pain Cream. I can’t survive without a good pain relieving cream. I prefer natural creams. The local person that I used to buy my cream for had stopped making them. I’m currently looking for a new cream and welcome any recommendations.,

6. Essential Oils. I’m an EO fan. I don’t think they solve every problem but they help me with relaxation and pain management. Diffusing relaxing blends not only smells good, but also helps keep you from tightening up from stress and pain. And topically, there are great oils for pain that I swear by.

7. Drink Water. I know you hear it over and over, but it’s true. We need to be drinking a minimum of 64 oz water a day but as most of us take medicine that dehydrates us, try for more.