Paper Plates and Incoming Goodies

Paper plates have to be one of the best spoonie investments ever. And thank the stars for leftover pizza. My body is just done. Done with being mediator for the boys. Done with all the snow play and walks. Done with the arguments with the husband because by the time I finish being a good housewife and mum, I don’t have the energy to be a good wife and it’s taking a huge toll on our relationship. 

Needless to say my depression has been clawing at my insides. I won’t go into details on that since most of you know exactly what I’m talking about. Instead I was incredibly blessed to have won the Chronic Illness Bloggers giveaway. I won Prize Pack 9

I received these items as a gift from the giveaway by Chronic Illness Bloggers, this is not a sponsored or required post. I’m just happy to share.

I’ve been receiving gifts all week which has been a wonderful pick- me-up when going to the mailbox. Findlay (part ferret part cat) loves chewing on the wristband and has stashed it away somewhere. But here are a few photos of what I have received already.

The book The Patients Playlist by Leslie D Michelson will have to wait until after Christmas but since my body hates me, and is constantly spotting between menstrual cycles, the Fresh Assist Spray has been awesome! I love that they come in little spray bottles so I can put one in my purse when I’m traveling this Yule. 

There’s a pic of the wristband from Colitis Ninja was confiscated and used as a chew toy for Mr. Grumpypants. The Drip Drip Hydration Powder actually tasted really good. 

I’ve used FibroSleep by ProHealth before and reviewed it here, so I was very excited to receive it again right in time for the craziness of Yule (the holidays). The Fibro Energy Supplement is something new I hadn’t tried before. I’m in the early stages of trying it so I don’t have much to say about it just yet.

The ornament is not there for decoration, but because Findlay thinks he’s a cat and it was a toy. And I’m too lazy to find another hook to put it back on the tree.

The delightful Améo essential oil diffuser came and has been running often in our living room. Zija also included a bottle of lavender EO to use in the diffuser. 

I thought I was going to have to wait on Kristen Schultz’s (Not Standing Stills Disease) book Self Love 101, but as I loaded it tonight, it is broken down into easy read sections for one day at a time. And just going through the forward…. Maybe I need to start reading tonight.

Not pictured is the $20 Amazon gift card from Chronic Mom Life which I used to get another essential oil blend to use in the diffuser. 

What’s brightened your day or kept you going?