Chilblains and chilly toes


Have you ever heard of chilblains? Most of you probably haven’t, like myself. This winter my lovely wonderful body decided to throw yet another curveball at me.

Our winters are odd, though thankfully we do have winter in its wonderfulness. I love winter. My body however does not love the cold. When it gets cold I do my best to bundle before cranking the heat up. Let’s face it, that winter power bill can hurt when it comes in. Socks and slippers are a must. And why not? I have cute slippers. I got a painful blister on the tip of one of my toes that wouldn’t go away, my logical thought was that it was being caused by the seam in the toe of my favorite slippers so I stopped wearing them. Then I got another blister on another toe so I thought maybe it was happening because of constantly wearing socks or slippers.

My friends invited us to join them watching the Parade of Lights. It was cold, like just above freezing temperatures, standing outside for a little over an hour. By the end of the really neat parade my feet were frozen despite wearing wool socks and rain boots. Later that night when I took off my socks I was shocked at my toes! They were covered in these painful blisters. My husband said they were scabies, which thankfully I refused to believe, so I started doing my own research.

Chilblains. Painful blisters caused by poor circulation or nerve damage. They can affect fingers and toes. They were common among infantrymen during the wars and often recur every year during the winter. The good news is that they do heal themselves usually. Mine did. 


Creamy Ranch Chicken

With 3 growing boys I’m always looking for EASY healthy meals. Here’s one I came up with that the boys absolutely love. The best part is that it takes like 5 mins to throw together, stick the potatoes in the microwave and then you get to sit (or whatever) for the next 20! No standing at the stove which can be a real deal breaker for me on my bad days.

Make as much or as little as you want.

Creamy Ranch Chicken

Preheat oven 325°f

  • Thawed Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast or breast fillets.
  • Lawry’s Seasoning Salt
  • Ranch Dressing
  • Shredded Cheddar Cheese (get a bag of “lazy” cheese for those bad days when standing is not an option)
  • Bread crumbs (optional)

Lay out thawed chicken in a single layer in a 9×13 baking dish (you can also use an iron skillet or an 8×8 or even smaller if you are doing only 1-2 servings)

Sprinkle lightly with seasoning salt.

Drizzle with ranch dressing

Cover with shredded cheese and bread crumbs.

Bake 350°f approximately 20 mins or until fully cooked (meat should be wedgie all the way through and internal temp should be 165°f).

Add baked potato and an easy spinach salad for a complete easy meal that everyone will love.


Tator Tot Casserole

I learned that there are sooo many variations of Tator Tot Casserole. In the south, Tator Tot Casserole is well….. It’s called Tator Tot Casserole but I don’t know that I would consider it Tator Tot Casserole. No veggies, but instead it has Rotel in it. I had to ask what Rotel is because it’s not used here in the PNW. So here’s how I make it: Continue reading

Botox for Migraines

I’ve had chronic migraines since I was 16, when I was in a bad car accident. Despite physical therapy, massage, chiropractics and probably at least a hundred medications and cocktails of medications, supplements and every home therapy possible, nothing has worked. Oh, some things work or help for a time, don’t get me wrong. There are lots of home techniques that I use and have used for years to help cope with the near daily migraines.

Back in July Doc sent me to a neurologist who decided I would be a good candidate for Botox. When I think of botox I think of those Hollywood horror stories where people are plumped to insane craziness and can’t move their faces. Scary. Not something I want. Neuro doc assured me this is not the case. Lol. He also told me that 80% of his patients get considerable relief from their migraines. This, this did interest me. The neurologist office sent the request to insurance, then a couple weeks later they called me back to schedule my botox appt. Unfortunately scheduling me was several months out, I got to go second week of December. Continue reading

Paper Plates and Incoming Goodies

Paper plates have to be one of the best spoonie investments ever. And thank the stars for leftover pizza. My body is just done. Done with being mediator for the boys. Done with all the snow play and walks. Done with the arguments with the husband because by the time I finish being a good housewife and mum, I don’t have the energy to be a good wife and it’s taking a huge toll on our relationship. 

Needless to say my depression has been clawing at my insides. I won’t go into details on that since most of you know exactly what I’m talking about. Instead I was incredibly blessed to have won the Chronic Illness Bloggers giveaway. I won Prize Pack 9

I received these items as a gift from the giveaway by Chronic Illness Bloggers, this is not a sponsored or required post. I’m just happy to share.

I’ve been receiving gifts all week which has been a wonderful pick- me-up when going to the mailbox. Findlay (part ferret part cat) loves chewing on the wristband and has stashed it away somewhere. But here are a few photos of what I have received already.

The book The Patients Playlist by Leslie D Michelson will have to wait until after Christmas but since my body hates me, and is constantly spotting between menstrual cycles, the Fresh Assist Spray has been awesome! I love that they come in little spray bottles so I can put one in my purse when I’m traveling this Yule. 

There’s a pic of the wristband from Colitis Ninja was confiscated and used as a chew toy for Mr. Grumpypants. The Drip Drip Hydration Powder actually tasted really good. 

I’ve used FibroSleep by ProHealth before and reviewed it here, so I was very excited to receive it again right in time for the craziness of Yule (the holidays). The Fibro Energy Supplement is something new I hadn’t tried before. I’m in the early stages of trying it so I don’t have much to say about it just yet.

The ornament is not there for decoration, but because Findlay thinks he’s a cat and it was a toy. And I’m too lazy to find another hook to put it back on the tree.

The delightful Améo essential oil diffuser came and has been running often in our living room. Zija also included a bottle of lavender EO to use in the diffuser. 

I thought I was going to have to wait on Kristen Schultz’s (Not Standing Stills Disease) book Self Love 101, but as I loaded it tonight, it is broken down into easy read sections for one day at a time. And just going through the forward…. Maybe I need to start reading tonight.

Not pictured is the $20 Amazon gift card from Chronic Mom Life which I used to get another essential oil blend to use in the diffuser. 

What’s brightened your day or kept you going?

Today Took Me Back

At points throughout our illnesses we have highs and we most certainly have lows. Many lows. Yet, we’re amazingly resilient and climb and claw our ways out of despair time and time again.


Most days I manage on a Meh Level. I’m existing. I’m functioning (my version, not a healthy persons). But that’s about it. Other days I’m able to feel like Super Mom and well, almost “normal”. But then life has a way of reminding me, I”m far from normal. Though, if you ask my husband, its the only reason he married me. “I don’t want normal, I want you” Today was a crashing day. A day that took me back to high school.

It started out badly, like most awful days. Its rarely one bad thing, its usually “the straw that broke the camels back”. Today there was lots of straw. Findlay has been On-One. Any parent will understand. Continue reading

9 months and counting

Findlay is nine months and then some at this point. At this point he’s into everything, everything that is except his toys. Being the 3rd boy we’ve got toys covered, yet they only hold sway for about 30 seconds before he’s off trying to get into anything and everything else. He’s worse than any cat I’ve ever had or fostered when it comes to the toilet paper roll (check out my instagram @ejrebel for a cute video of him being destructive). Figured out how to turn on and off the Xbox repeatedly. Finds devilish pleasure splashing and dumping Gidget’s water bowl if we turn away for two seconds. Eating her kibble and hiding spare pieces in his hands when we take out the pieces he’s munching on. Really the list just goes on.   

But with 9 months comes the next doctor checkup and set of shots. 😦 I love seeing how much he’s grown and watching the nurses purr about him. They’ve known me for 8 years now, so they thoroughly enjoy getting to snuggle and love on the boys. But then the shots. No one likes shots. But it’s so much worse when you’re having to hold your child down so they can get life saving vaccinations. 

Here’s just a couple tips for making that part of the visit easier. 

  • A dose of ibuprofen or acetametaphin 30 mins prior. 
  • Dress kiddo in an outfit that either is easy zip, or can have the bottom half accessible for shots.
  • Bring something either new or rarely used to help distract. 
  • Be prepared to hold snuggle and love your precious baby and make the world right for them again. 
  • Afterwards, warm baths help immensely, especially to get the bandaids off their tiny (or chunky) little legs.

So you have any tips for making it easier?