World falling down

How do you write a blog when your world is falling down? While you’re just trying to survive this storm? Trying to glue the pieces back together?

Round 2 of Botox isn’t working yet. I’ll keep you updated on that.

The boys are once again sick. I don’t know what’s going on this year but they barely seem to recover before they fall prey to another virus.

My husband lost his job, thankfully taxes came st the same time but we had plans for them and it didn’t include bills.

And the big whammy. Sex is painful, it always has been but it’s something I know my husband needs. Well, it’s not enough. Through various what do we do nows, a mistress or open relationship was suggested and he grabbed on to it. In theory I’m ok with it. I get it. I’m also more old world than most so logically I get it. But my heart isn’t making the transition easy. Cue major panic attacks, bleeding legs, sleepless nights and my body is in absolute hell. But… I am Viking, and I will bend and move with the storm like any Viking longship.

 I promise more detailed posts about each of these various things but right now I just can’t.


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