9 months and counting

Findlay is nine months and then some at this point. At this point he’s into everything, everything that is except his toys. Being the 3rd boy we’ve got toys covered, yet they only hold sway for about 30 seconds before he’s off trying to get into anything and everything else. He’s worse than any cat I’ve ever had or fostered when it comes to the toilet paper roll (check out my instagram @ejrebel for a cute video of him being destructive). Figured out how to turn on and off the Xbox repeatedly. Finds devilish pleasure splashing and dumping Gidget’s water bowl if we turn away for two seconds. Eating her kibble and hiding spare pieces in his hands when we take out the pieces he’s munching on. Really the list just goes on.   

But with 9 months comes the next doctor checkup and set of shots. 😦 I love seeing how much he’s grown and watching the nurses purr about him. They’ve known me for 8 years now, so they thoroughly enjoy getting to snuggle and love on the boys. But then the shots. No one likes shots. But it’s so much worse when you’re having to hold your child down so they can get life saving vaccinations. 

Here’s just a couple tips for making that part of the visit easier. 

  • A dose of ibuprofen or acetametaphin 30 mins prior. 
  • Dress kiddo in an outfit that either is easy zip, or can have the bottom half accessible for shots.
  • Bring something either new or rarely used to help distract. 
  • Be prepared to hold snuggle and love your precious baby and make the world right for them again. 
  • Afterwards, warm baths help immensely, especially to get the bandaids off their tiny (or chunky) little legs.

So you have any tips for making it easier?


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