FibroSleep Review

Disclosure: “I have been given FibroSleep as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company

Initial Impression (aka day 1): As a fibromommy of a newborn, I’m wary to try new sleep aids simply because I worry I won’t wake up when the baby is crying. I’ve had that happen before when I’ve had to take my stronger pain meds and muscle relaxants due to pain and/or migraines. (Before you get all panicky, either my husband ended up waking me or once I realized the baby crying was real and not a dream I woke up.) Reading through all the ingredients in FibroSleep, I was very encouraged to try it.

You can check out the ingredients and why they are used here or in even more detail here. So last night when I took FibroSleep by ProHealth, I started with only 1 capsule instead of the 2 recommended on the directions. Within 30 mins of taking it, I was tired, amazing, since I took it at 9pm and typically don’t go to bed until closer to midnight. When Findlay started crying at 1 am, I woke up without any problem (aside from still being tired since it was 1 am), no grogginess that typically is associated with waking before 8 hours of sleep on a sleep aid. I was able to feed, and change him without zonking out and coming to with a start realizing I had dozed off while feeding or burping him. My oh-so-loving husband decided to be a brat and share a scary video with me (he likes to do that as he isn’t so adversely affected by them) so after an hour of not being able to go back to sleep I took another capsule. Within 30 minutes I was able to peacefully drift off to sleep without any nightmares of scary video person jumping out at me. Again, when Findlay woke up at 6 am (yep, I’m super lucky he’s sleeping so well already), I was able to wake up and care for him. Once he was satiated and cozied up next to me as we do in the mornings, I was able to fall right back to sleep. The boys got up at 7:30, and I found I was awake and ready to start my day. This never happens. I hate mornings. While I wasn’t bright eyed and bushy tailed (go find a squirrel if that’s what you’re looking for) I was up! Made breakfast, took the dog out, and didn’t take my first pain killer until 11 am!!!! WHAT?! yes! I fully believe it was because of the FibroSleep. I woke up rested, and not in my normal amounts of pain. Today ended up being a “good” day, I got things done, I had the energy to do them. I’m definitely looking forward to continuing this trial for the rest of the month to see how it does long term.

Follow up Impression (aka day 10): I am totally completely in LOVE with FibroSleep. I cannot describe to you how amazing it feels to be able to almost function like a normal person and NOT have several bad days afterwards. Because day 1 went so well, I decided to give FibroSleep a very very thorough test. How long could I keep pushing my body until it crashed? Today is day 10. I have not needed to take my prescribed muscle relaxer at night since I started FibroSleep. Most days I have been able to reduce my Norco intake slightly despite pushing myself. What have I been able to accomplish because of FibroSleep? One day I cleaned the house, baked super yummy muffins from scratch and did several loads of laundry to completion. Usually working on the floor, cutting out and pinning material for my Bunguin Babies quilts and blankets sends me to the couch for a day or two. Not this time, I’ve actually been able to do several days on the floor back to back. And the biggest challenge I’ve put FibroSleep through was being able to hike Silver Falls, spend 4 hours out in Nature, then come home, cook dinner, fold 4 loads of laundry and then continue putting together a quilt on the floor. Normally my body has completely locked up on the drive home and I can barely walk, let alone stand straight. The following day I did take it easy, I would say that I had a heightened “normal” day pain instead of a kill-me-now “day after” pain. That’s amazing.

Final Opinion: I still love FibroSleep. However, because of the Melatonin in it I can’t take it every night for an extended period of time. I start getting night sweats and really weird dreams. This is easily solved by not taking it for a couple nights, then restarting, or just taking it as needed instead of every night.

To find out more, check out FibroSleep on the website.



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